For Manufacturers OCN will...

  • Design new & innovative products and systems to increase your offering to the market and as a result your potential sales revenue.


  • Show you how to manufacture your products in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to save you manufacturing and waste disposal costs.


  • Provide business analysis and manufacturing audits to improve your manufacturing and business operations through improved productivity, reducing costs and improving margins.


  • Design and develop manufacturing facilities: factory, storage, logistics, fit-out, labour and recruitment; all operations and processes from product manufacture to dispatch, establishing an efficient and profitable operation.


  • Analyse your business systems: estimating, manufacturing and operations. Recommend core data and systems solutions in CAD, CRM, MRP, ERP, and accounting to produce efficient operations with an accurate cost base.


  • Value Engineer your product range making it a more cost effective solution for your clients.


  • Introduce your product range to new markets and maximize your sales potential.


  • Ensure that your products are accredited to local standards, making access to the markets simpler.